Buying second hand electronic gadgets is often a more economical alternative to splurging on a brand new one. If you are looking for a temporary solution so that you can save up for a bigger computer later, then this makes most sense. Finding second hand computers can be quite a daunting task sometimes. People are concerned about quality, reliability, and whether or not the computers are of authentic make. Before you decide to invest in one, here is a list of handy tips to keep in mind.

Refurbished Computers On eBay:

eBay has a specialised category called refurbished goods. What this means is that wholesale leftovers from an old brand which isn’t in demand or production anymore, or discarded devices by brands because they are not stocked in stores anymore, are procured by eBay and sold on their portal. These devices pass various safety standards imposed by the company, are tested and verified, and sold on the website only after being assured of its quality. These products may not be brand new, but they definitely are not damaged. This includes old models which are not in use anymore, certain designs or colours which ceased to be produced owing to decreased demand, etc. They are tweaked and repaired and sold in perfectly usable condition by eBay and are perfectly safe for purchase.



If you are buying old computers, make sure the source looks reliable. Second hand devices come from multiple sources and verifying authenticity of original source can be difficult, while checking product descriptions, make sure there is some sign or proof that the product is branded and has all original parts intact. Demand a user manual or the box it came in to be sure. Even a warranty card can help. Be alert and cautious while making a decision.

Check For Memory Requirements And Speed:

Old computers will obviously have reduced memory capacities compared to what we have today. Their speed, RAM capacity may be a little outdated. So make sure that when you buy a used computer, you check to ensure that the device is compatible with all modern innovations. This is important because several new extensions do not run on older devices and if you buy an outdated system, you may find it impossible to find compatible accessories.

Operating System:

Most people tend to discard old computers because of outdated operating systems. If you are buying an old computer in order to save money, make sure you don’t compromise on the operating system. That would just be a case of being penny wise, pound foolish. Upgrading old systems can be really time consuming, difficult and expensive. Devices older than Windows XP can be difficult to maintain and may turn out to be a redundant purchase, as most operations don’t even work on these systems anymore.

Buying an old computer can be a great idea if you are looking to save money or avoiding spending through your nose for a branded device. Sometimes, if you are lucky you can get great deals. But be cautious, and call the eBay phone number for any assistance.